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Music of the Summer

Musings from Doha

Here are my 5 fave songs on the radio here in Miami that you’re probably not hearing unless you’re either a) in a spanish-speaking country or b) watching the world cup in spanish. Heads up, depending on how sensitive you are to scantily clad women dancing suggestively you might not want to watch the actual videos. In no particular order:

1) Ricky Martin- Come With Me (Spanglish)

Maybe my favorite party anthem this summer.

2) Yandel- Moviendo Caderas

I dare you to not start dancing the second this song starts playing. Guaranteed to make me mover las caderas and menear. Always puts a smile on my face and I’m always in a better mood when it ends than when it started. It’s just the right blend of pop-y and dirty beat.

3) Wisin ft Ricky Martin & J.Lo- Adrenalina

Too bad unlike Ricky, J.Lo can’t sing for crap in spanish…

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