Apple iPads earn the «most responsive screen» tablet title in tests


If you think Apple’s(s aapl) touchscreen tablets are more responsive than the competition, you’re right. So says Agawi, which put a number of flagship slates through its TouchMarks touchscreen benchmark test.

The test measures touch latency, or the time between a tap and opening an app, using a special bit of hardware. While the latency is generally small — less than one or two tenths of a second — you can see a big difference between products in this output graph.

Touchmark results

Why are the Apple devices more responsive? My guess is that Apple has the most integrated approach when it comes to hardware and software. Android device makers might have hardware expertise but they’re still working with Google’s(s goog) Android software. Here’s a technical explanation of how graphics work on Android, which offers a glimpse at why touch is implemented differently in Android than it is in iOS.

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